Monday, June 11, 2012

                       WHAT DOES AMERICA STAND FOR?


     How was everyones weekend.   good i hope
                                    So what does america stand for!
     some might say it stands for freedom and others might say oppurtunity.
         But what does this have to do with travel?
     Good  question!
    well i think a lot of people forget that immigration helped build the foundation for america.
    And I believe that traveling and seeing other cultures and the way poeple live is very important
     in understanding the melting pot that is our country. 
     When we visited mexico we didnt see much outside the resort . But what i saw was a culture shock to me and it was sad in some ways seeing how hard those people work for so little pay and the shacks  they lived in but they seemed happy.  and i think a lot of us take those things for granted and it really made me open my eyes and now im hooked on experiencing as much of this world as possible and seeing the beautiful cultures that make this melting pot we call home so beautiful.

    So i would love to hear your thoughts about what america means to you and your experiences
    from visiting other contries!

    your friend

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